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Offline-Tracking per Ultraschall: Schon 230 Apps nutzen die gruselige Technik
Naheliegendes Tracking Modell – Android, einfach eine offene Plattform…

Privacy Threats through Ultrasonic Side Channels on Mobile Devices

ZeroTier | Connect All The Things
Faszinierender Post-Mortem Bericht eines Ausfalls…

From what I can find on the web issues with GNU libstdc++ allocation pools have been discussed for a while, but as far as we can tell the issue persists in the very latest versions. We can duplicate this readily on Debian „stretch,“ which is pretty much bleeding edge. GNU libstdc++ is broken. This is pretty unforgiveable. How many other C++ developers on Linux are banging their heads on the table right now as they search in futility for memory leaks that do not exist?

The AdStage Migration from Heroku to AWS
Spannende Geschichte einer Migration auf aws.

Knowing that Netflix managed to run its billion dollar business on AWS with nothing fancier than Amazon machine images and autoscaling groups, I decided to follow their reliable but by no means “sexy” approach: build a machine image, use it to create instances in autoscaling groups, put those behind elastic load balancers, and connect the load balancers to DNS records that would make them accessible to our customers and each other.
Thus I set out to build our AWS deployment strategy.​

Every single Machine Learning course on the internet, ranked by your reviews
Gute Übersicht über diverse ML Kurse.

For this guide, I spent a dozen hours trying to identify every online machine learning course offered as of May 2017, extracting key bits of information from their syllabi and reviews, and compiling their ratings. My end goal was to identify the three best courses available and present them to you, below.

Deep Learning – Past, Present, and Future
Ein wenig Geschichte über Deep Learning

There is a lot of buzz around deep learning technology. First developed in the 1940s, deep learning was meant to simulate neural networks found in brains, but in the last decade 3 key developments have unleashed its potential.

Using Brainwaves to Guess Passwords – MIT Technology Review
Security, Security, Security – Der menschliche Air Gap wird bald geschlossen…

Malicious software could use brain interfaces to help steal passwords and other private data.

Slack’s updated search helps find the right team member to answer your question | VentureBeat | Apps | by Ken Yeung
Slack bleibt nicht stehen und entwickelt Knowledge Mining Mehrwerte; sinnvoller Move, Du hast unendliche viele Informationen in Slack, also hilft Dir Slack sie zu finden.

Slack has launched a feature designed to elevate how you search for information in the team chat and productivity app. Instead of querying by messages, you can now look things up by people and channel,

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