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Marketing mit Gesichtserkennung: Eine Pizzeria in Oslo filmt Kunden

Eigentlich wollte sich Jeff Newman in einem Einkaufszentrum in Oslo nur eine Werbung für eine Pizzeria anschauen. Doch plötzlich zeigte der Bildschirm eine lange Reihe von Buchstaben und Zeilen. Der IT’ler erkannte schnell: Die Pizzeria hatte über eine Kamera Informationen wie Alter, Geschlecht und sogar Stimmung über ihn und andere gesammelt, die sich die Werbung angeschaut hatten.

Modeling Spelling Correction for Search at Etsy – Code as Craft

When a user searches for an item on Etsy, they don’t always type what they mean. Sometimes they type the query jewlery when they’re looking for jewelry; sometimes they just accidentally hit an extra key and type dresss instead of dress. To make their online shopping experience successful, we need to identify and fix these mistakes, and display search results for the canonical spelling of the actual intended query. With this motivation in mind, and through the efforts of the Data Science, Linguistic Tools, and the Search Infrastructure teams, we overhauled the way we do spelling correction at Etsy late last year.

Nati Shalom’s Blog: The End of Cloud Management As We Know It – Part 1

The numbers speak for themselves, and the conclusion is unavoidable: the tools we’ve used to manage cloud in the early stages of its growth are no longer sufficient for an agile, responsive world in which business unit developers and central IT are moving faster and covering larger and more complex application portfolios than ever before.

Streaming-Dienst: Wird Spotify den eigenen Erfolg überleben? – manager magazin – Nachrichten – Unternehmen
Collecting huge amounts of data with WhatsApp – Loran Kloeze
Google to Sell New AI Supercomputer Chip Via Cloud Business

Companies will be able to purchase the hardware, called Cloud Tensor Processing Units (TPUs), through a Google Cloud service. Google hopes it will quicken the pace of AI advancements. And despite official statements to the contrary, it may also threaten Intel Corp. and Nvidia Corp., the main suppliers of powerful semiconductors that run large processing tasks.

Google bietet Supercomputer Power für den Rest von uns an. Mich interessiert das Kleingedruckte, wem gehören die Daten und die trainierten Netze…?
Facebook’s Data Center Powerhouse Spawns another Startup

Over the last six or seven years, Facebook has become one of the handful of companies whose scale means they’ve had to innovate at every level of data center infrastructure, pushing the envelope in data center and hardware design further than most data center vendors and their customers as a result.

The Evolution of Container Usage at Netflix

This month marks two major milestones for containers at Netflix. First, we have achieved a new level of scale, crossing one million containers launched per week. Second, Titus now supports services that are part of our streaming service customer experience. We will dive deeper into what we have done with Docker containers as well as what makes our container runtime unique.

Netflix Container Ansatz – immer eine Lesung Wert…

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