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Oracle expands its cloud into Germany | Cloud Pro

Three high bandwidth, low latency sites will underpin the expansion, running out of Frankfurt and offering access to SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services. Oracle already has a major presence in Germany with Global Drinks, Lufthansa Cargo AG, and Mövenpick already using its cloud.

Rackspace CEO Taylor Rhodes steps down | Cloud Pro

Rackspace CEO Taylor Rhodes has announced his departure from the firm as the company prepares for a full-on charge towards managed cloud services under the ownership of Apollo Global Management.

OpenStack deployments grow, but so does dissatisfaction | Cloud Pro

The happiest adopters of OpenStack were private cloud providers and telcos, who gave the platform an average score of 39, while those who gave the lowest scores were in the OpenStack Foundation’s ‚other category,‘ providing little insight into other reasons adopters were dissatisfied.

Shazam: Cloud GPUs Finally Make Sense | Data Center Knowledge

Before switching a big chunk of its infrastructure to Google’s cloud GPU service, his team would provision enough bare metal GPUs in their data centers for what they estimated peak demand would be and keep the entire fleet running 24/7, 365 days a year.

How Machine Learning Can Improve IT Operations | Data Center Knowledge

Correlating cross-silo data is not a new problem. In the past, a common correlation technology referred to as an Event Correlation Engine handled event filtering, aggregation, and masking. The next approach, which has roots in statistical analysis and signal processing, compares different time series detecting when there is correlated activity using correlation, cross-correlation, and convolution. Recently, a new wave of machine learning algorithms based on clustering applies a kind of smart filtering that is able to identify event storms.

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